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Subscription | PlsReturnMe

Anonymous communication with the nice folks who find your lost items is key to our

95% return rate*

Small Item Protection

Free shipping

Includes anonymous lost item communication service and 6 labels for items such as eyewear, IDs, credit cards, earbuds, chargers, dongles, car key fobs or house keys. USPS return shipping additional.

How does it work?

  • Get a packet of our labels and apply to your items, or any item already protected by one of our return IDs

  • Register the ID# through our super easy, 10 sec process and add a description of the item

  • Ability to transfer ownership of items to other subscribers

  • Go about life worry free

If someone finds your registered item, we will:
  1. Notify you as soon as they enter a message on our site

  2. Allow you to anonymously coordinate return with them, or you can opt to have us send them a shipping label that anonymizes your information so they can mail it back

  3. Confirm your stuff is returned

  4. Make it easy to send them a thank you

*95% return rate based on 2021 loss testing in San Francisco... yes, we lost our sh*t